This a fan game created by Caleb40043. This game lets you play as bosses. Each boss has differentiated attacks, even those that are not in Gradius. Last Resorts are attacks when the boss is about to explode, if the COM-controlled Vic Viper successfully dodges it, the level will fail, but if it hits, the player will restore 1/4 of HP.

Stage 1:Big Core MK I

Primary:4 laser

Special 1:Bullet Spread

Special 2:Big laser

Special 3:4 laser spread

Last Resort:1.5 Modification (Uses orange laser, and then uses spread attack with ring turrets)

Stage 2:Tetran

Primary:Tentacle Blast

Special 1:Tentacle Cover

Special 2:Rapid Tentacle Spin

Special 3:Tentacle Trap

Last Resort:Rapid Laser Tentacles (Same attack as in Gradius V, will spin tentacles faster and faster as it shoots lasers until it covers nearly the whole screen)

Stage 3:Death

Primary:Missle Spread

Special 1:Big Laser

Special 2:Spreading Laser

Special 3:Homing Missles

Last Resort:Deathdouble (Functions like the same boss, will shoot many lasers with lasers coming out of the damaged Deaths, if all Deaths are destroyed, the controller flies away, and the level fails, the Death that wasn't the one before this attack will leave if the controller is destroyed, and Death will have 1/4 of HP restored regardless.)

Stage 4:Gunwall

Primary:Turret Shot

Special 1:Mirror Tiles

Special 2:Ducker Hatch

Special 3:Big Laser Turret Shot

Last Resort:Mirror Tile Ambush (Functions like Mirror Tiles, only the tiles are faster and there are more.)

Stage 5:Shadow Dancer

Primary:Move (It really does not have a primary attack, the keyboard is used to move it instead.)

Special 1:Mirror Tiles

Special 2:Ducker Summon

Special 3:Twin Dancers

Last Resort:Fast Walk (The player will have the speed of Chichibinta Rika is she was in Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius, making it almost impossible to dodge, also, the player can hit the walls this time.)

Stage 6:Brain

Primary:Electric Shot

Special 1:Option Hunters

Special 2:Ducker Wave

Special 3:Crusher Walls

Last Resort:Self-Destruct (Brain will explode, but the player will not fail the level, the player can spawn fire to restrict movement, if it is a success, a new fortress is made, and Brain will respawn at 1/4 HP.)

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