Base is the seventh and final stage in the original Gradius. It is the mothership of the invading forces of the Bacterian Empire.

The level is filled with the mechanical enemies seen throughout the game so many times, which were allied with the forces as well. After passing through the Electronic Cage, and mechanical guard arms which mirror the Tentacle Golem's arms, the Vic Viper passes through the closing door, and reaches the Brain.

After destroying the Final Boss, the Vic Viper exits the Base right before it explodes.


Ships Vic Viper
Stages Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4PC-E Exclusive StageStage 5Stage 6Stage 7
Sub Bosses VolcanoZub RushMother and ChildIron MaidenTentacle GolemElectronic Cage

Skeleton Wave (PC Engine) • Tri Core Crystal (MSX) • Polliwog Rush (Spectrum)

Bosses Big CoreCell NucleusXaerous Brain

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