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Gradius 2015 (Also called Gradius VI) is a new fangame created by TheSecondBart2. It's for Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

  • Five Ships: Vic Viper , Lord British , Jade Knight , Falchion β and Skirmish Omega (Fan Ship)
  • 15 side scrolling stages for Wii (Boss Rush in Stages 2, 7, 8, 10 and 13). In Wii U and Nintendo 3DS Editions, the Stages are 18.
  • Includes the Language Selection: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.
  • Weapon edit, unlockable when loop 1 is complete (mix and match every weapon included in the game)
  • Power Up Bar
  • Armor to ships (which enables them to survive shots without a shield, but not collisions)
  • Gradius V Graphics.


  • Stage 1: Satellite Orbital Sky
  • Stage 2: Acuarial Planet, Access for Spaceships
  • Stage 3: Moai Complex
  • Stage 4: City Underground Stratum
  • Stage 5: Deadly Fortress
  • Stage 6: Toy Time Galaxy
  • Stage 7: Burning Heat (Wii)/Warming Nebula (3DS and Wii U)
  • Stage 8: Bacterion Supreme Fundition
  • Stage 9: Digital Sea and Junk Yard
  • Stage 10: Gradius Ancient Ruins
  • Stage 11: Bacterion Frozen Cemetery
  • Stage 12: Bacterion Fortress Hub (Final Stage in Very Easy and Easy)
  • Stage 13: Shiverburn Volcano and Black Hole
  • Stage 14 (Nintendo 3DS): Bony Desert
  • Stage 14 (Wii U): Tropical Rainforest Galaxy
  • Stage 15: Bacterion Cell Hub
  • Stage 16: Bacterion Vigilante Fortress
  • Stage 17: Internet's Frontiers (Part 1: Access; Part 2: High Speed Zone; Part 3: Sector Guardian; Part 4 and final: Elephant Gear and to Exit)
  • Stage 18: Invincible Army Fortress


Ripped Sound Tracks

  • ~Opening~ Intro (Gradius V)
  •  ~Select Weapon Array~ (Gradius V)
  •  ~Departure Scene~ Historic Soldier (Gradius ReBirth)
  •  ~Stage 1- Satellite Orbital Sky~ Universe (Gradius V)
  •  ~Boss Skirmish~ Aircraft Carrier (Gradius ReBirth)
  • ~Aerial Battle I (Wii)~ The Position Light (Gradius ReBirth)
  • ~Aerial Battle II (3DS and Wii U)~ Intermezzo (Gradius V)
  • ~Aerial Battle III (Wii)~ A Journey for the Start (Gradius ReBirth)
  •  ~Stage Boss I (Big Core Rev. 1.2, Moai Orb, Intruders, Firefreezed Core, Keeper's Core I, Star Drainer and Mother Computer)~ Last Evil (Gradius ReBirth)
  • ~Stage Boss II (Ground Spider, Volcano Core, Invader MK II, Bazela's Hive and Keeper's Core II)~ Fighter's Blood (Gradius ReBirth)
  •  ~Stage Boss III (Kraken, Big Core MK IV, Neo Big Core, Perla Meralda, Big Core MK V, Megalodon, Choke Weed, Huge Heart, Covered Core MK III and Archangel)~ STAGE BOSS (Gradius V)
  •  ~Stage 2 -Ocean Aerial Access-~ Moonspin ~Last Exit~ (Gradius ReBirth)
  •  ~Boss Rush #1~ Poison of Snake ~TETO RAN~ (Gradius V)
  •  ~Boss Rush on Parade III #1~ Titans (Gradius IV)
  •  ~Stage 3 -Moai- ~ The Ruin (Gradius ReBirth)
  •  ~Stage 4 -City Underground Stratum- ~ FORTRESS (Gradius V)
  •  ~Stage 5 -Toy Time Galaxy- ~ Hydra (Gradius V)
  •  ~Boss Rush #2~ Theme of the Mechanical Boss (Salamander 2)
  •  ~Boss Rush #3~ Aircraft Carrier ~BIGCORE~ (Gradius V)
  •  ~Boss Rush #4~ Formidable Guardians ~Stage Boss~ (Gradius Galaxies)
  •  ~Boss Rush #5~ Boss Rush #2 (Gradius Gaiden)
  • ~Stage 7 -Vulcan Venture-~ Fire Scramble (Gradius III From Legend to Myth)
  • ~Stage 7 -Warm Nebula- ~ Stage 4 (Gradius Advance)
  • ~Stage 8 A -Bacterion Supreme Fundition-~ Serious! Serious! Serious! (Salamander 2)
  •  ~Stage 8 B -Dragon Ambush-~ Theme of the Intruders (Gradius II Gofer no Yabou)
  •  ~Boss on Parade III #2~ Take Care ~BIGCORE MK II~ (Gradius V)
  •  ~Stage 8 -Digital Sea- ~ All Is Vanity (Salamander 2)
  •  ~Stage 9 -Digital Sea and Junk Yard Part 2- ~ Requiem for the Revengers (Gradius Gaiden)
  •  ~Boss on Parade III #3~ Stage Boss (Gradius Gaiden)
  • ~Boss on Parade III #4~ Crystal Core (Gradius III SNES)
  • ~Boss on Parade III #5~ Dark Force ~BIGCORE MK III~ (Gradius V)
  • ~Stage 10 -Gradius Ancient Ruins-~ METEOR (Gradius V)
  • ~Stage 11 -Bacterion Frozen Old Base (Wii)- ~ Into the Crystal Cage (Gradius Gaiden)
  • ~Stage 11 -Bacterion Frozen Old Base (3DS and Wii U)- ~ Stage 7 (Gradius Advance)
  • ~Stage 11 - Bacterion Frozen Old Base Part 2- ~ Crystal Labyrint (Gradius III SNES)
  • ~Stage 12 -Bacterion Fortress Hub- ~ Mechanical Base (Gradius III SNES)
  • ~Stage 12 Shadow Dancers~ Final Shot (Gradius III SNES)
  • ~Stage 12 -Organic Fortress- ~ Uncharted Territory (Gradius III SNES)
  • ~Easy Final Boss~ Bacterion (Gradius III SNES)
  • ~Stage 13-A -Firefreezed Forest-~ Heavy Blow (Gradius ReBirth)
  • ~Stage 13-B -Dark Void-~ On the Event Horizon (Gradius Gaiden)
  • ~Stage 14 (3DS)~ Something Ghostly (Gradius ReBirth)
  • ~Stage 14 (Wii U)~ Green Inferno (Gradius Gaiden)
  • ~Stage 15 - Bacterion Cell Hub - CELL (Gradius V)
  • ~Stage 16~ SOMETHING GREEN (Gradius V)
  • ~Stage 17-A: Internet's Frontiers~ Cosmic Heroes (Gradius ReBirth)
  • ~Stage 17-B: High Speed Zone~ HIGH SPEED (Gradius V)
  • ~Stage 17-C: Sector Guardian~ Departure Again (Gradius ReBirth)
  • ~Stage 17-Final~ ELEPHANT GEAR (Gradius V)
  • ~Going to Invincible Armada Demo~ DEMO (Gradius V)
  • ~Stages 6 and 18~ BATTLESHIP (Gradius V)
  • ~Ending~ Staff Roll (Gradius V)
  • GAME OVER (Gradius V)
  • MAIN NAME (Gradius V)

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