Gradius '98 is an fanmade game, made by Timmyboy1980. Released Date in May 1, 1998.


  1. Ruined Volcano (Stage 1)
  2. Ice Palace (Stage 2)
  3. River (Stage 3)
  4. Plant Fortress (Stage 4)
  5. Moai (Stage 5)
  6. Temple Ruins (Stage 6)
  7. Gravity Zone (Stage 7)
  8. Boss Rush (Stage 8)
  9. High Speed Zone/Fortress (Stage 9/Final Stage)


  1. Master Core (Stage 1 Boss)
  2. Crystal Core (Stage 2 Boss)
  3. Hydro Core (Stage 3 Boss)
  4. Plant Core (Stage 4 Boss)
  5. Vaif (Stage 5 Boss)
  6. Tutanhamanattack (Stage 6 Boss)
  7. Big Core MK4 (Stage 7 Boss)
  8. (In order) Big Core, Tetran, Death, Intruder, Covered Core, Big Core MK II, Dellinger Core, (Stage 8 Bosses)
  9. Demos (Stage 9 Mid-Boss 1)
  10. Crab Warlock (Stage 9 Mid-Boss 2)
  11. Bacterion (Stage 9 Final Boss)


NOTE:The music only contains the boss music so far, feel free to add the stage music.

Titans:Master Core, Crystal Core, Hydro Core, Vaif, Big Core MK4,

Dark Force: Dellinger Core, Demos

Last Evil: Bacterion

A Fighter:Plant Core

Poison of Snake:Tutanhamanattack, Tetran, Death, Intruder

The Final Enemy:Covered Core

Take Care:Big Core MK II

Aircraft Carrier:Zub Rush, Big Core

A Fighter's Blood:Crab Warlock

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