Gradius '93 is a fan game created by Timmyboy1980. This Gradius fan game was released in December 1992 on Arcade. However, It was released later in January 23, 1993 at Japan on the Sharp X68000. It was also released in the Japan in June 12, 1993 and US in July 1, 1993 on Sega Genesis, and on the PC-Engine CD Port in November 1, 1993. This game takes place between Gradius 2 and 3. This fan game also has the same music from Gradius III Arcade and SNES. It is also an updated version of Gradius III.
Gradius '93 Logo

Gradius 93 logo


  • Stage 1: Ruins
  • Stage 2: Crystal
  • Stage 3: Fire
  • Stage 4: Volcano/Underground
    • Stage 4-1 and 4-2: Lava depths
  • Stage 5: Moai
  • Stage 6: Synthetic Life/Plant
  • Stage 7: Organic Cave
    • Stage 7-1 and 7-2:  Mechanical Organic Base
  • Stage 8: Asteroids/Meteor Area
  • Stage 9: High Speed
  • Stage 10: Boss Rush
  • Stage 11: Fortress
  • Secret Stage 1: Lucky Zone
  • Secret Stage 2: Salamader Stage 1
  • Secret Stage 3: Nemesis II Stage 1
  • Secret Stage 4: Gradius Memories (a Combination of Gradius 1 Stage 1, Salamander Stage 2, Gradius 2 Stage 1 and Gradius 3 Stage 3)


  • Crystal Core MK II (2nd stage boss)
  • Kougel Burn (3rd stage sub-boss)
  • Nova Core (4-1 4-2 mini boss)
  • King Hanaw (5th stage boss)
  • Gaw Golem (7th stage boss)
  • Bio Deimos (7-1, 7-2 boss)
  • Asteroid Core (8th stage boss)
  • Demos (11th stage sub-boss)
  • Lucky Core (Secret Stage 1 boss)
  • Master Core (Secret Stage 4 boss)
  • Goferion (Looks like Bacterion and Gofer) (Final boss)
  • M.E.C.H (Mercs of Eternal Coreship Hordes, Real Final Boss)


  1. Gradius III (Arcade)- Prelude of Legend (Intro)
  2. Gradius III (Arcade)- Congratulations (Title Screen)
  3. Gradius III (Arcade)- Invitation (Weapon select)
  4. Gradius III (Arcade)-Departure for Space (Air Battle 1, Stage 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 9)
  5. Gradius III (Arcade)-Try to Star (Air Battle 2, Stage 3, 6, 8, and 11)
  6. Gradius III (SNES)- Sand Storm (Stage 1)
  7. Gradius III (Arcade)- Aqua Illusion (Stage 2)
  8. Gradius III (SNES)- Lucky Zone (Secret Stage 1)
  9. Gradius III (Arcade)- Fire Scramble (Stage 3)
  10. Gradius III (Arcade)- In the Wind (Stage 4 A)
  11. Gradius III (Arcade)- Underground (Stage 4 B)
  12. Gradius III (Arcade)- Easter Stone (Stage 5)
  13. Salamander (Arcade)- Stage 1 (Secret Stage 2)
  14. Salamander (Arcade)- Poison of Snake (Secret Stage 2 boss)
  15. Gradius III (Arcade)- Cosmic Plant (Stage 6)
  16. Gradius III (Arcade)- Dead End Cell (Stage 7)
  17. Nemesis II (MSX)- Killer Coast Land (Secret Stage 3)
  18. Gradius III (Arcade)- High Speed Dimension (Stage 8 A)
  19. Gradius III (Arcade)- Crystal Labyrinth (Stage 8 B)
  20. Gradius III (SNES)- Accident Road (Stage 9)
  21. Gradius III (Arcade)- Dark Force (Desert Core, Crystal Core MK II, Big Core MK1, Lizard Core, Big Moai X5, King Handaw, Asteroid Core, Beacon, Big Core MK III, Dellinger Core, Demos, Master Core, and Goferion) (Boss Battle Theme 1)
  22. Gradius III (SNES)- Snipe Shoot (Lucky Core, Kougel Burn, Wyvern/Vulture Dragon, Big Eye, Bio Deimos, Asteroid Belt Armada, and Booster Core) (Boss Battle Theme 2)
  23. Gradius II (Arcade)- Aircraft Carrier (Boss Rush- Zub Rush MKII, and Super Big Core)
  24. Gradius III (Arcade)- Poison of Snake (Tetran, Gaw Golem)
  25. Gradius III (Arcade)- Take Care! (Death MK2, Covered Core, Big Core MK II)
  26. Gradius III (Arcade)- Mechanical Base (Final Stage A)
  27. Gradius III (SNES)- Unpleasant Cell (Disrupt)
  28. Gradius III (Arcade)- Final Shot (Final Stage B, Shadow Gear X2)
  29. Gradius III (Arcade) Escape from the Freedom (Escape from the Fortress/M.E.C.H's real final boss battle)
  30. Gradius III (Arcade)- Return to the Star (Ending Credits)
  31. Gradius III (Arcade)- Game Over (Game Over)
  32. Gradius II (Arcade)- Ranking (Continue)
  33. Gradius III (Arcade)- King of Kings (Ranking)
  34. Gradius III (Arcade)- A Long Time Ago (Gradius Memories Stage)
  35. Gradius 2 (MSX) - A Fighter

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