Gradius '13 is a fan game. It was released in 2013.


The galaxy was in turmoil, a black hole has been created by the Bacterian Army reborn, though Big Core Custom. A repaired version and the same size as Vic Viper for Player 2, and Vic Viper try to stop this.


Stage 1: Gradius (Clouds)

Stage 2: Galaxy (Asteroid Belt)

Stage 3: Old Bacterian Base (Ruins)

Stage 4: Easter Stone Planet (Moai)

Stage 5: Living Planet (Organic)

Stage 6: Wormhole (Speed)

Stage 7: Time Rift (Venom Base)

Stage 8: Swallowed Volcano (Volcano Ruins)

Stage 9: Black Hole Base (Fortress)

Stage 10: Inside The Hole (Destroyed Planets)

Stage 11: The Final Battle (Final Boss)


Stage 1: Big Core Armada (Big Core X3)

Stage 2: Death MK III

Stage 3: Lift Core

Stage 4: Vaif

Stage 5: Brain Golem

Stage 6: Big Core MK III

Stage 7: Block Core

Stage 8: Big Core MK II

Stage 9: Mirror GunwallShadow Gear

Stage 10: Zelos Force

Stage 11: Brain Reborn


Gradius 1-Dogfight (Dogfight) Gradius 3 Arcade-Sand Storm (Stage 1) Gradius 3 Arcade-Bubble (Stage 2) Gradius 2-Something Ghostly (Stage 3) Gradius 3 Arcade-Easter Stone (Stage 4) Salamander-Stage 1 (Stage 5) Gradius 3 SNES-Speed (Stage 6) Nemesis 99 Kai-Venom Base (Stage 7) Gradius 1-Invert Volcano (Stage 8) Gradius 3 Arcade-Mechanical Fortress (Stage 9 Part 1) Gradius Galaxies-Rotating Wheel (Stage 9 Part 2) Gradius 2-Crystal Illusion (Stage 10) Gradius Gaiden-O.V.U.M (Stage 11 and Brain Reborn) Gradius 1-Aircraft Carrier (Big Core X3 and Lift Core) Salamander-Poison of Snake (Death MK III, Brain Golem, and Zelos) Gradius 3 Arcade-Dark Force (Vaif, Big Core MK III, and Mirror Gunwall) Nemesis 99 Kai-Guardians (Block Core) Gradius 2-Take Care! (Big Core MK II) Gradius 3 Arcade-Final Shot (Shadow Gear)

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