Gradius:A hole in dimensions, AKA Gradius Series Crossover, is a fan-game made by Caleb40043.


Stage 1:Gradius I (Boss:Big Core)

Stage 2:Gradius II (Boss:Big Eye)

Stage 3:Gradius III (Boss:Big Core MK III)

Stage 4:Gradius IV (Boss:Gillador)

Stage 5:Gradius V (Boss:Blaster Cannon Core)

Stage 6:Salamander (Boss:Metal Slave)

Stage 7:Parodius Da! (Boss:Fugu)

Stage 8:Jikkyo Oshaberi Parodius (Boss:Fish Wall)

Stage 9:Nemesis 2 (Boss:Mayhem Warship)

Stage 10:Solar Assault (Boss:The Solar Assault)

Stage 11:G-Type (Boss:R-90 Ragnarok)

Stage 12:Attack from dimensions (Boss Rush:Big Core MK II, Covered Core MK II, Zelos Force, Dellinger Core, Master Core)

Stage 13:Crossover Fortress (Boss:Heaven's Gate)

Stage 14:Underground Bacterian (Boss:Gofer)

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