The Goliath is the first boss fought in Gradius 3. She is a giant insectoid creature whose main weak spot is the orb in her saliva. The SNES version of Gradius III calls her the Earwig Scorpion.

Attack Patterns

The insect's main strength is her size, but since you shouldn't be daft enough to go near her, this will rarely be a problem. She attacks by spitting out sand balls which explode into eight clumps when shot or upon going far enough. These clumps are indestructible but are slow and easily avoided. The main threat comes from the creature's "babies" - spider-like creatures that drop down on webs in the arcade version, or small bugs in the SNES version. As a general rule, more small bugs spawn in the SNES version than the spider creatures in the arcade version, thus making the SNES version slightly harder. The other notable difference is that the Arcade version will attempt to protect her core with her smaller pincers, (thus giving you only a small window of opportunity to hit her), whereas the SNES one only makes use of her larger pair.


Simply stick to the back of the screen and dodge the projectiles. But there is a almost suicidal strategy, that's rather funny if you can get the timing down. An odd glitch in the SNES version is that if you are inside the beetle's pincers, the sand ball will not create a right moving clump. This means that if you can get inside the monster's giant pincers, you are safe from the majority of her attacks. Her body will destroy any of the smaller entities involved, shielding you from all projectiles and leaving you with only the creature's bulk to worry about.



  • The Goliath resembles a scaled up Bobbit Worm, and even mimics her hunting style by burying itself down to her head.
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