A guest boss from the Ganbare Goemon series. Goemon Compact appears in Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius SNES and PSX/Saturn version. In the SNES version, it changes into a woman's head, in the PSX/Saturn port it changes to Ebisumaru's head and its sprite was also redrawn. It is a head inside what looks like a capsule.

Attack patterns

In the SNES version, it will spit out spiked balls at the player. In the PSX/Saturn version, it spits out six bombs which will create pillars of fire when they hit the ground and will do a charge attack following the player. Once it changes to Ebisumaru, he will spit out bubbles which will bounce this makes it hard for player to evade.


Once it is defeated in the SNES version, it will say: "Omae wa mo shinderu!" ("You are already dead!") with a voice that similar to Fist of North Star's Kenshiro, before hiding back in the shell and some holes blowing on the sides, from which smoke will come out of it and it will fly away. If it is destroyed in the PSX/Saturn version, it will shrink until it explodes.

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