Esmeralda (エスメラルダ Esumeraruda) is an extension character turn to be one of main characters in Otomedius series.

Like Erul Tron, Esmeralda is a Gradian along with Poini Coon. She is a formal businesslike tactician and weapons expert. She's a reference to the popular Gradius Gaiden, and a pilot of Jade Knight. Her wingman is Poini Coon. Esmeralda is a third year student and in the same class as Diol Twee but they're became arch-rivals.

She is voiced by Shizuka Itou.

Initial Weaponry

Otomedius Gorgeous

S = Speed Up

L = Pulse Laser

O = Snake Option

D = Round Laser

M = Spread Bomb

? = Force Field

Otomedius Excellent

Esmeralda is suitable for players of all levels. As a weapons expert, she is able to use all weapons in the game that are not exclusive to other pilots. The movement of her Snake Options -- which line up in the direction you were moving once you stop -- takes an adjustment period. Her Round Laser -- nerfed somewhat in the balance patch -- easily destroys enemies around you. Her Pulse Laser acts like Twin Laser, but is not limited to five shots on the screen at a time, is faster, is composed of three shots, and when powered up, spreads out somewhat after a certain distance. The weapon is also no longer broken like it was in Otomedius Gorgeous, but it is still a very good weapon. Esmeralda's Platonic Break is Ring Laser which sends out a pair of gyro-connected laser rings across the screen twice.

S = Speed

L = Pulse Laser (DLC Weapon = Ion Cannon)

O = Snake Option

D = Round Laser

M = Spread Bomb

? = Force Field

Platonic Break = Ring Laser


Based from


  • She's the second Gradian species character; proceeding by Erul Tron and Poini Coon.
  • Esmaralda is the only squadron that her signature weapons like "Pulse Laser" and "Round Laser" became the most powerful weapon trough large enemies including her current Platonic Break, the "Ring Laser".
  • Esmeralda is the tallest height among the angel squadrons due of her gentleman appearance.
  • She is the first Otomedius character that contains Lesbianism relationship with Poini Coon.
  • Esmeralda and Poini's DLC BGMs are based from Gradius Gaiden, remixing the most famous themes like "Snowfield", "Black Hole" and "Crystal Cage", but also features themes from Falsion like "First Space Fight" and "Narrow Road".
  • Her DLC outfit is the maid cafe dress who also wearing in the end credits scene.
  • The exclusive laser weapon that comes with this outfit is the Ion Cannon. It fires a beam that branches out like lightning across the screen, but it only comes from the Riding Viper and never from the Options. Another bad thing is the long shot delay. It may improve at Levels 2 and 3, but this is yet to be documented.


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