Emon-5 is one of the first characters presented in the original Otomedius, and the only male character of the game. Originally, He's the main character of Ganbare Goemon series.

Emon-5 was replaced by Arnval after he went kicked out. He also shares movesets with Arnval. However, his wingwoman, Emon-8, refuses to take avenge with the G Organization due of his missing appearance in the sequel.

He was voiced by Daisuke Namikawa.

Initial weaponry


S = Speed

M = Flying Torpedo

O = Formation Option

D = Reverse

L = Twin Laser

? = Force Field



  • Originally, Emon-5 was to be in Otomedius Excellent, but was taken out due to collision detection issues.
  • Emon-5's name specifically switch the "Go" into Five after his name taken in Japanese, originally named Goemon.
  • Emon's Xel Viper is based from Thunder Cross's M-45 fighter.
  • This is the first male Otomedius character that can only use as playable in the first game.
  • Emon's personality is same as the original Goemon, however he speaks too much taboo words in a despite language to the Angel Squadron when it comes of disappointing conversations.
  • Emon's DLC BGMs are based from the Thunder Cross / Space Manbow series, such as "First Attack", "Great Battleship", "Aquarium" and "Skywalker".

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