Eagle Sabu is the Stage 2 boss of Parodius Da!, and is fought in every port of Parodius Da! The boss is a large Bald Eagle dressed in Uncle Sam's clothing, and is a parody of the Phoenix boss, but features a different set of attacks.
It later showed up in the Boss Rush Stage of Sexy Parodius. A smaller version also appeared in Gokujō Parodius! and in the Special Stage of Sexy Parodius as a recurring enemy. These enemies drop either 4 Power Capsules or 5 Bells when defeated, depending on their color of their hat's star stripe. Blue-hatted ones are more common mostly, while the green ones appear in the special stage or before some bosses, if the player has died in the checkpoint of the boss.
Certain ports of the game replaced the bosses' graphics with something less controversial, by making the eagle almost green in whole, much to censor the character parody intentions.
It's weakpoint is the head, but it can be hit only when he is not attacking.

Eagle Sabu makes a cameo appearance on the two Parodius-themed Pachislot games.

Attack Patterns

Eagle Sabu has mostly the same attack pattern in all appearances. Unlike the original boss, the Eagle will fly around the screen, as opposed to warping, removing what some viewed as a unfair attack.
Sabu's main attack is to release a randomized spread of feathers, although in the NES version these are aimed towards the player, and move very slowly. It will also fire a volley of Ripple Lasers from it's beak, which, unlike the fireballs of the Phoenix, cannot be destroyed. In the NES version these take up a very large portion of the screen.



  • Eagle Sabu appears to be a parody of Sam the Olympic Eagle, who was used by Konami to promote the release of Hyper Olympic '84 (a.k.a. Hyper Sports), the sequel to the original Hyper Olympic (a.k.a. Track & Field)
  • It is generally believed this boss was the reason that the Parodius games never made it to US, seeing how it parodies an American icon.
  • This boss, based on it's attacks, could be a mix of Death and Phoenix.
  • In PAL versions of Parodius Deluxe Pack (PSX/Saturn), Eagle Sabu's colours were changed to green feathers with a red and white hat. Strangely, this change didn't happen on the SNES version of Parodius, which was released in PAL Regions.
  • On NES and Famicon versions of Parodius Da! Eagle Sabu is given a blue hat instead of his American hat.

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