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Not to be confused with Lord British's laser weapon, the Disruptor.


Disrupt first appeared in Gradius 3 AC as the first sub-boss of stage 10. It reprised this role in Gradius 3 SNES as the first sub-boss of stage 9. In both appearances there are three cores with four barriers each, several laser cannons and four hatches, two of which spawn Duckers while the other two spawn flying enemies.

Attack Pattern

Disrupt's attack pattern is simple, firing from the laser cannons while periodically releasing enemies from its hatches. In Gradius III AC, though, there are moving floor and ceiling wall sections that severely limit your movements, and the hatches cannot be destroyed. The SNES incarnation had no moving walls, and the hatches can be destroyed as well to leave the gunwall defenseless. On higher loops, each of the barriers will fire suicide bullets when destroyed, though they are fairly easy to dodge.

Major Differences

In the Arcade Version of Gradius III, this boss was no pushover because of the moving walls that may very well CRUSH you if you're not careful. It's likely that some Duckers and Lasers will try to shoot you and so distract you from evading these wall sections. However, in the SNES Version of the game, the gunwall has much different behavior. Namely, the moving walls are removed, and that alone makes the boss far less of a pain. In addition, the hatches can now be destroyed and you can go inside of the core at some point with careful maneuvering. Compared to the Arcade version of the boss, the SNES incarnation is much easier.


Disrupt, as he appears in Gradius III SNES

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