Demos is a large, immobile boss, and the first gun wall in the Gradius main series. It is also known for its astonishingly huge number of safespots, at least, for a Gradius boss. An Upgrade version as Demos FX appeared in Gradius Gaiden.

Attack Patterns

Demos will at first form by having its core fly in from the left, destroying the player if they happen to be in its way. After that, it will begin its attack. The laser turrets are indestructible, and must be dodged. They will aim at the player, to a certain degree. Also, Demos will release Duckers from slots on its top and bottom, starting a standard Gradius tradition. In Gradius 2 AC, it has eight lasers and two Ducker slots. However in the Famicom version, it became much weaker, with less health overall and only four laser turrets



  • Demos' name comes from Deimos (Δεῖμος – "dread"), the Greek personification of dread.
  • Demos has several safespots, some include directly in front of it, on the ground to the right, or inside it!

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