Deltatry is the fourth boss in the boss rush in Gradius Gaiden and is likely the most well known Core Warship in the game, its design and attacks are mainly inspired by the Classic Arcade Shoot 'em up, Trigon a.k.a Lightning Fighters, which is also made by Konami.

Attack Patterns

Deltatry attacks by firing a blue sword-shaped laser and launching slow red (and easy to destroy, on higher loops it will also release silver projectiles with a red center that explode but doesn't disappear lasting round about 8 seconds ) projectiles at the player. It also uses Fire Dragons, possibly the same species as Intruder, as living weapons. Also, every once in a while, it'll get a blue outline and it'll start moving around spastically, launching green lasers. On lower loops, it "warps" to a location and unloads 3 lasers across. On higher loops, it'll "warp" around much more erratically, shooting its lasers as it moves along.



  • Interestingly, when Deltatry is defeated, it's fire dragons turn on it and destroy it. It takes itself out in a gesture of honor as it rather destroy itself than being destroyed by the player.
  • It is possible to get behind the boss as it fires its laser, but you'll get stuck when it calls out the Fire Dragons and die when it moves backward as it fires its shots.
  • This boss is inspired by the ship from Konami's arcade-exclusive shooting game Trigon. Both of it's attacks are based on the smart bombs used by Trigon's ship.
  • As with numerous other bosses, this and the dragons it summons has a Yu-Gi-Oh card- Delta Tri and Trigon.
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