Decoration Core MK II, as it's name suggests, is a redesign of Decoration Core MK I, and is the Boss of Stage 5 in Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius. This stage is a parody of the second level in Xexex. Rather than being a handdrawn sprite, it is a 3D Rendered Image, much like the stage it appears in. It's weakspot is the three creatures that live inside it's mouth.

Attack Pattern

Decoration Core's attacks involve the use of its piping bags in different patterns.

  • It's initial method is to slowly rotate the piping bags and release large beams of frosting.
  • Eventually it will speed up the rotation, and squeeze out smaller beams of frosting, but in large qualities.
  • Finally, it will ram the side of the screen, slowly move back, all the while forming a large stream of frosting, that follows the pattern the Core moves in.

When all three creatures inside it's mouth are destroyed, it will make one final attempt to ram the player before exploding.

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