The MK III makes its debut appearence as the Decoration Core (AKA "Lips") in Gokujō Parodius!. This incarnation of the MK III attacks with a combination of frosting streams and standard lasers. It also has a vicious ramming attack it likes to pull off quite often, it's moves can be predicted when it smiles. The only way to destroy it is to kill the miniature creatures hiding inside its mouth (which have no additional protection, but are very durable.) On higher difficulties or loops, it can fire lasers which have narrower gaps in between, which may hit the player if he's staying at the left edge of the screen.

This enemy also appears in one of the Parodius pachislot games.


Decoration Core MK I appears as the third boss of Gokujo Parodius!. It's music is high pitched in the console version, while lower pitched and distorted in the arcade version. It is a parody of Big Core MK III, a boss that also debuted as the third boss.

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