Death MK III is the first boss of the 1st boss rush of Gradius V. It takes after Death MK II but also adds it's own uniqueness to the mix.

Attack Patterns

Death MK III has similar attacks to Death MK II, but also has it's own unique set. As before, when the doors open, five missiles are released. On higher difficulties/loops, these missiles have a stream of bullets trailing them. Once the doors are destroyed, the laser shoots out as before but also a volley of smaller lasers are shot. In addition to these attacks, there is a completely different phase that occurs soon after the fight starts. Death MK III will come to the front and attack from behind with bending homing lasers and bullets. Also, be careful of it's entrance. It comes from the left to the right and if you're not paying attention, you could ram it.


This Upgrade can fire guns on its hatch after the hatch is destroyed, and this one can't fire Flying Cores as the same as the Death MK-I does

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