Cute Bird (ビッグペンギン - Biggupengin), Captain Penguin Nohusuky (キャプテンペンギンノフスキー - Kyaputenpengin'nofusukī) is a penguin of gigantic proportions, appears as the first boss in both Parodius and Parodius Da!. Its spinning shield and means of attack mimic and parody the NES-exclusive boss Tutanhamanattack from Life Force. Their appearance differs between games, with the latter being dressed in a pirate outfit and now colored pink. It can be assumed they are two different characters, but are part of the same species.

It was fought again in the Boss Gauntlet Stage of Sexy Parodius. Penguins are a recurring enemy of the Parodius series. This boss is also related to Penguin Conducter and Toilet Penguin. His weakpoint is his small belly button.

Attack Patterns

Both versions of the boss share the same basic attack pattern, but have minor differences. They will create a shield comprised of smaller Penguin's to protect them - these fire bullets at the player, at increasing speed. In Parodius, the Boss itself will throw a neverending supply of wine bottles as projectiles.


Cute Bird Nohusuky makes an appearance on the Gokuraku Parodius Slot Machine. The Pikopiko hammer and the card appears on a photo, push the A Button three times and the Card Photo will appear in the Bonus Slot.



  • The second Bird later made a cameo appearance in Stage 2 of Gokujō Parodius!, as an underwater corpse. It is unknown how it returned in Sexy Paroduis possibly revived.
  • The first Bird appears to be a drunkard, concluded from the bottles it throws and the red "blush" it gets when damaged.
  • In Sexy Parodius, Captain Penguin had a sqwauk of a penguin instead of a beep when he was hit.
  • Also in Sexy Parodius, if the player brought along Alex, he will charge forward to Captain Penguin, revealing that Captain Penguin is female.
  • Nohusuky was replaced by the name Captain Ginta in Yume Penguin Monogatari Famicom Port.
  • A Parodius-themed Pachislot game named Little Pirates was released in 1998.
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