Crystal Kaiju

This article is about an unused enemy, not found in the retail version of Nemesis 2. The name "Crystal Kaiju" is unofficial. This page should be moved should an official title be found.

The Crystal Kaiju was an large recurring enemy found in Stage 6 of the Beta version of Nemesis 2. This enemy, along with the stage it inhabited were removed from the retail version of the game.
Why this enemy, and it's stage were removed from the final version of the game is at this point unknown. Like most large enemies in Nemesis 2, it has a surprising amount of animation, and in this case, a fairly gruesome death animation.
It's weakpoint is it's head, but only when the mouth is open. This enemy is one of the few that the Fire Blaster weapon works against.

Attack Pattern

This enemy has the exact same attack as the Statue Guardians, and will fire large destructible projectiles towards the player. It is even able to turn it's head around 180° and fire backwards. The sprites used for this attack are also the same as Statue Guardians, and the Big Sphinx also found in the beta. Occasionally, the enemy will not trigger it's attacks, and will be invincible. This is assumed to be a bug.


* This enemy has a marked resemblance to Godzilla and Space Godzilla (more-so the latter) from the famous Toho franchise, albeit on all fours.
  • When this enemy's HP's is drained, it's head is reduced to a skeleton. It is unknown whether this skeleton would've served as a stage hazard (as the player is invincible in the Beta version) or not, but you can deal further damage to the head, and cause the skeleton to crumble.

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