This article is about an unused boss, not found in the retail version of Nemesis 2. The name "Crystal Entity" is unofficial. This page should be moved should an official title be found.

The Crystal Entity was an boss found in the Beta version of Nemesis 2. This boss, along with the stage it inhabited were removed from the retail version of the game, and was one of the few non-core bosses in the game.
Why this boss, and it's stage were removed from the final version of the game is at this point unknown.

It's entire body is vulnerable to attack. The boss cannot be timed out.

Attack Pattern

After forming from a screenful of crystals, the boss will move about the screen in random directions, at a fairly high pace. It will release vast quanities of crystals in random directions as it does this. These crystals seem to be slightly effected by some form of gravity, and do not move in straight lines.


This boss has yet to reappear in any Gradius game.
Due to the fact the player is invincible in the Beta version, it is not known how difficult this boss actually is.

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