Crisis Force is an overhead shoot 'em up video game published by Konami] for the NES in Japan. This game features two player simultaneous play, similar to Life Force . It also has the ability to switch among three different ship configurations during play. The game is divided into seven stages, each with an end of level boss.

The game was released at the end of the Nintendo Entertainment System lifespan and the more powerful Sega Genesis was already in retail. Konami had originally planned for a European and US release but the SNES/SFC were already in release.

The game is well known, in some ways, for pushing the graphical capabilities of the Famicom, mainly because of the use of simulated parallax scrolling (between the use of five layers).


The story begins with a force of robots who descend on Tokyo City, in the year 199X, and begin to destroy the city. The protagonists are a boy and a girl who pilot a blue and red fighter craft and battle through seven stages.

Relation with Gradius

  • The main fighter of Crisis Force, the Aura Wing appeared as a cameo fighter in Airforce Delta Strike along with other famous Konami fighters like Vic Viper, Twinbee or Axelay.
  • The main theme of the game, the Stage 1 and 6 BGM, it's included in Gesshi Hanafuuma's BGM Pack.
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