Crawler X is the boss of stage 2 in Gradius ReBirth. It's a stronger variant of the Crawler in Nemesis GB, although it's similar in look only, having a completely new attack pattern. Unlike the original, it's Core has now evolved into a Eye/Mouth combination, and it's also grown a pair of Arms. It's weakspot is the eye.

Attack Pattern

Crawler sticks to the floor and ceiling, unlike the free floating boss from the Nemesis GB, it now bends it's "legs" to move.
It fires out small organic blobs from it's eye that explode into a spread of shots if destroyed. It also tries to hit you with it's claws. In addition to this, it can also create a wave through the floor and ceiling, leaving a small safespot somewhere near the Crawler.
It uses it's claw attack at the very start of the battle, something that is fairly likely to catch newcomers off guard.


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