Covered Core MK I is one of the most defensive bosses in Gradius. It has a rotating shield that protects the center core area. The shield looks like a nuclear symbol and it spins at a medium rate. It was the final boss of the Gradius II boss rush, 5th and last boss of the Gradius II Boss Rush and is also 4th boss in the Gradius III boss rush.

It was also featured as one of the junked cores in Gradius Gaiden stage 2.It has 5 barriers in Gradius II NES, 4 barriers in Gradius II and III and none in Gradius Gaiden, it also has a Blue core in Gradius II and Gradius III, a Blue core which turns orange when it is nearly destroyed and a Flashing Green core in Gradius Gaiden

Attack Patterns

Besides the rotating shield, it shoots missiles 8 red,dark green and gold that randomly fall down and come up around you in Gradius II and III, 5 Blue and white missiles in Gradius II and 6 Dark green, Light Green and Red homing downwards in Gradius Gaiden. The missiles are indestructible but move slow. Careful weaving will ensure success against this attack.


Covered Core is actually fires 4 lasers,same to the big core, due to it's massive size, these lasers cant be fired (in some loops he fires 4 lasers.)  and he can fire homing missiles (quite rare.) after firing lasers.


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