Corn Chiwa is the first boss in Sexy Parodius. She is a giant cob of corn initially, but when she is defeated she turns out to be a fox. Corn Chiwa is wanted for picking on chickens.

Attack patterns

Corn Chiwa will shoot a numerous amount of popcorn at the player. The popcorn can be destroyed for points, but no power capsules are rewarded in any of the popcorn. After a while, it will jump in the air and try to ram the player by flying towards them. This attack is, and can be easily dodged. If too much time is taken to defeat Corn Chiwa, she will leave and the player is shown a screen depicting Corn Chiwa on a rampage, and the mission will be counted as a failure.


  • It is possible that Corn Chiwa is actually a kitsune, as in the ending scene of the first stage after she is defeated there is an unnamed girl with a tail and what appears to be fox ears.
Corn Chiwa Fox

Corn Chiwa's real form

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