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Choking Weed
Other Name(s) Bloating Weed, Bulbous (American Name), Rafflesia
Appears In Gradius III (AC and SNES)

Choking Weed is the boss of Stage 8 Gradius III AC and Stage 6 in Gradius III SNES.

Attack Pattern

Choking Weed attacks by firing bullets from its two vines. It will also attempt to inhale the Vic Viper, at which point it is most vulnerable. Be warned that it does both suck and fires bullet spores at the same time, which can make it difficult for the player to dodge. It is highly recommended to use more than 1 speed up to make it easier to dodge the bullets while being inhaled. 

On the AC Version of Gradius III the small plants firing the bullet spores can be destroyed, but they regenerate. 

Appears In


  • Choking Weed looks slightly like the giant and rare Rafflesia flower.


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