Chichibinta Rika is a recurring midboss featured in the Parodius series. She is a parody of the Shadow Dancer.


Attack Patterns

In Parodius Da!

Rika's first appearance shows her taking up a large portion of the screen. It is impossible to defeat her, so she must be dodged by slipping in between her legs and arms, moving only when she makes an opening for the player to move. She will then leave the player alone after a minute or so of this.

In Gokujou Parodius

Rika returns 2 times taller than in Parodius Da!, and her sprite is too large to fit the screen entirely. She still must be avoided, but she does have a nasty surprise waiting: wait too long and she will drop onto the player, revealing the top half of her body. She is accompanied by penguin enemies. She will leave once again after a few minutes.

In Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius

This time Rika can run across the screen, but she still utilizes her normal attack pattern. Once again, she will leave after a few minutes.

Absence in Sexy Parodius

Rika did not return in Sexy Parodius, although a statue of her can be seen in the second stage.

In pachislots

  • CR Parodius Da!: Details unknown at this time.
  • CR Gokujo Parodius!: Details unknown at this time.
  • Gokuraku Parodius: Hikaru and Akane can be seen fighting Rika. She is also seen in a trailer for the pachislot dancing.



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