The Capsule Monster Cappucino is a boss featured in the Parodius Series. His shape is a big power-up, like a big pillow bubble with a coin.

Appears in

In Gokujou Parodius!

Cappuccino has almost no attacks except for ramming. It shoots lots of power ups to help you, so it is advised to stay where the power ups are heading. If you take too long to kill Cappuccino, it flies off into space. If you defeat him, though, it flies away, but fails as it crashes into a planet, a crater is seen shaped like the boss as it falls. Be careful, though! Some of the power ups are spiked, and kill on touch.

In Sexy Parodius

Caspule Monster Cappucino has learned a new move since his defeat. He will still fire power ups but there are also spikes mixed in with them, which can hard to see. On higher difficulties, he'll have more spikes which will make collecting power ups much harder.

In Gokuraku Parodius

Capsule Monster Cappucino makes cameo.

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