This is the first stage of Gradius II. Notably, this is the first fire stage in a mainstream Gradius game(Salamander being first). The stage's music track and stage name is "Burning Heat".


Arcade Version

After the initial flight through space, where players are encouraged to power-up. The player will then enter a cluster of burning planetoids. Here, Intruders will emerge from their fiery pits and try to destroy the player. Either through lmiting the player to a small space, thus maximizing the chance of destruction through bullets. OR by the fireballs they spit. Meanwhile, Bacterion fighters attempt to ambush the player, using the the suns as a chokepoints.

Afterwards, the player will fly through empty space, destroying a hand-full of Bacterion spacecraft. Before being attacking by the boss, Phoenix.

NES Version

Gradius II NES Stage 1



  • A souped-up version of Burning Heat is present in the stage 5 of Thunder Force VI as "Full-Speed". The composer of the theme is Motoaki Furukawa, which composed Gradius II Soundtrack too.
Gradius II
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