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Brain Freeze is the third boss fought in the Gameboy port of Parodius Da!, and is exclusive to that version of the game.
It is a parody of the popular Brain Golem boss, and features a similar attack pattern. It's look and theme is a pun based off the phrase brain freeze.

Attack Patterns

First Form :

Much like the boss it's based off, Brain Freeze will follow the player around the battlefield, slowly moving it's arms to intercept.
It's entire body is vulnerable, and should it be hit, it will be bounced back a short distance.

Second Form :


Turning Japanesea!

It's arms shrink in size, and now wields a traditional Japanese fan.
It continues to follow the player around the area, with shorter arms making the Golem easier to avoid.
How-ever, it now has the additional power to summon Tu-Tu wearing Penguins to assist it, which raise from the water, and glide to the left of the screen. These can be destroyed.
On easier difficulties, it does not summon the Penguins, making this phase very easy.



  • A non-moving version of this boss cameos in the arcade version as a background object.
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