The Yu-Gi-Oh! card "Boss Rush", featuring Big Core MK I, Crystal Core, and Tetran.

The Boss Rush is a stage introduced in Gradius II, and features Bosses from past games like Gradius or Salamander. The rush consists mainly of 5 or more classic bosses, and always at the end, a new original boss from the game itself appears.

Usually, Zub Rush (or Zub Rush MK II) appears as a Sub Boss at the start of the level to give some power ups to the player.


The following boss rushes added theme songs for the respective bosses:

  • Otomedius added musics from different stages or other games to supplement their boss rush like Burn the Wind, Mazed Music, Falsion Boss Theme, Eva's offensive Stars (Detana Twinbee), Gradius V boss theme, etc