A giant parody of Winbee, created by Dr.Warumon, is the Boss of Stage 3 in Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius.
She wears a bra to "cover" her breasts, which is blown off when she is defeated, making Bo Winbee cover herself in shame.
In the SNES version, her lips are painted on the windscreen, whereas in the Saturn/PSX remake they actually ARE her "mouth". Her weakpoint is the windscreen/head, and she can only be hurt whilst not performing attacks.

Attack Patterns

Her attacks remain the same in both versions of the game, but has an additional attack in the latter one.

  • If Busty Bee converts her hands to cannons, (or raises them in the Remake), she will fire two volleys of three homing lipstick rockets. These can be destroyed.
  • If Busty Bee "jiggles" her breasts, she will ram the player, and she's pretty slow. However she becomes faster in the remake.
  • In the remake, she will also blow a large spread of kisses. These are shot in the direction of the player.
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