Blaster Cannon Core is the boss of stage 5 of Gradius V. It is a very difficult boss to destroy due to the asteroids that are constantly incoming and how you need to use the asteroids to defend yourself against incoming fire. It's wings also make it look similar to the Dellinger Core too.

Attack Patterns

Blaster Cannon Core has two attack phases. Phase 1 consists of it maneuvering through the asteroid field laying many mines that explode and release bullets all around them. At the same time, it loosely attempts to ram you by moving into your row after each pass. After some time, it'll reappear on the right and release it's wings and Phase 2 starts.

Phase 2 starts by Blaster Cannon Core shooting many bullets aimed at the player and the only real defense against them are the numerous asteroids floating around. Next, the cannons charge up and release laser streams that break up the asteroids. This is when Blaster Cannon Core is most vulnerable.

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