A guest boss from the Twinbee series, Baron Bee appears in Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius as a Sub-Boss in Stage 3 and as the last boss in the Boss Rush stage. His second appearance in the game was replaced by the Shogun in the remake.
His entire body is vulnerable to attack.

Attack Patterns

After initially being ejected from Dr Mardock's ship, (pre-empted by a flood of rubbish), Baron Bee will be joined by two Shadows, which position themselves above and below him. The Shadows will fire small laser beams independently.
Baron Bee himself can fire homing rockets, which can be destroyed, a spread of energy bullets, and a fairly rare eye-beam.
During this battle, Mardock's ship will occupy the top of the screen, and, providing he has any gun's left, will continue to shoot at the player.

Boss Rush

After leaving the Big Baron Bee, Baron Bee will fly randomly about the screen and release his solitary attack.
Baron Bee will fire small, red/blue energy blasts from his hands. If these are struck, they will burst into several, smaller lasers. These lasers cannot be destroyed.


  • Pop'n TwinBee (Europe)019

    Black Twinbee firing his screw energy blast in Pop'n Twinbee-

    Baron Bee's attack pattern is actually a combination of all his attacks used in Pop'n Twinbee. The most commonly used is his spread shot, and sometimes he could don his options to battle against Twinbee. Baron Bee would appear commonly in that game as a miniboss.
  • The eye laser attack is took from his appearance in Twinbee Taisen Puzzle Dama, where his strongest garbage attack is the eye beam he would fire at the opponent
  • The screw energy blast he fires is also took from Pop'n Twinbee, however, these could not be destroyed back then.

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