Big Sphinx

This article is about an unused enemy, not found in the retail version of Nemesis 2. The name "Big Sphinx" is unofficial. This page should be moved should an official title be found.

The Big Sphinx was an large recurring enemy found in Stage 4 of the Beta version of Nemesis 2. This enemy, along with the stage it inhabited were removed from the retail version of the game.
Why this enemy, and it's stage were removed from the final version is at this point unknown. Had they been included, they would've been this game's replacement for the Moai. Like most large enemies in Nemesis 2, it is capable of turning about, much like the Statue Guardians earlier in the game.
It's weakpoint is it's mouth. This enemy is one of the few that the Fire Blaster weapon works against.

Attack Pattern

This enemy has the exact same attack as the Statue Guardians, and will fire large destructible projectiles towards the player. The sprites used for this attack are also the same as Statue Guardians, and the Crystal Kaiju also found in the beta. Unlike the Statue Guardians, this enemy will face the player, rather than automatically turning. Some of the enemies of this type will also briefly fly vertically, trying to keep up with the player's height level and force a collision.


  • When this enemy's HP's is drained, rather than immediately exploding, what-ever these creatures use for anti-gravity will suddenly stop working, and they will plummet to the floor, being destroyed by the impact of the collision, a rather neat effect.
  • Due to being unfinished, these enemies do not spawn projectiles from the center of the mouth, the spawning point is offset quite significantly from the intended opening. The enemy can also fire with it's mouth closed.

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