Shoot enemy eye!
~ Gradius II announcer


The Big Eye is the boss of the second stage in the arcade version of Gradius II, a sub boss in the same level in the NES version, being replaced as a boss by Giga. His arms are noticeably similar to that of the Brain Golem from Salamander.

Attack Patterns

Big Eye's arms are constantly waving back and forth, and will aim at you ship and release destructible particles from the ends. These particles will stick to the walls and become destructible walls. Also, Big Eye will occasionally open his eye and launch a large projectile before closing it again. In Gradius 2 arcade, if the battle takes too long to finish, he will launch his eye in an almost unavoidable maneuver which will kill both him and the Vic Viper.(Note: This attack is actually avoidable, but very hard to dodge.)


Big Eye appear in the Salamander Vol.3.


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