BC Custom weapons

The Big Core Custom is the player ship in the mobile game Gradius NEO Imperial. It is a modified Big Core created by the Lars Empire which escaped their control.


With the power bar reading SBMLN?, the Big Core Custom is armed with additional weapon choices, a Speed Up option in the first slot and a Shield in the last slot.

  • Beam Shot - This is the Big Core's iconic four-shot laser weapon. It starts at two shots with little rapid fire.
  • Missile - This weapon shoots a stream of up to six medium-sized missiles across the screen. It starts at four missiles.
  • Laser - This weapon shoots a powerful red laser which is similar to the Force Viper's Wide Laser from Gradius Neo. It starts out small, but at full power is as large as the Big Core.
  • Area Napalm - This weapon sets up a 3 ✕ 3 grid that stays in position relative to the ship as you move. Pressing a button from 1 to 9 on your phone's number pad will bomb the corresponding grid square, and any target within that grid will be hit by a small spread blast. Powering up this weapon increases the number of napalm blasts.


  • It is unknown why exactly this Big Core is escaping. Unfortunately, it is destroyed by the Force Viper at the end.
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