Axelay is the main fighter of the famous scrolling shooter videogame, Axelay (アクスレイ) which is a sci-fi scrolling-shooter in the same vein as other Konami titles such as Salamander and Gradius. The game features both horizontal and vertically scrolling levels, and allows the player to choose three different weapon-types, which increase in number as he or she progresses through the game.


Success in Axelay is closely linked to your choice of weapon with which to tackle the various stages of the game. As you progress through the six stages you will receive a greater selection of weaponry, make sure you take the best equipment for the job! You only have 3 slots which can take one weapon each, and will lose a weapon if you are hit while using it, so a balanced payload is essential to ensure

you have some alternative fire-power to fall back on.

Main Weapons

Straight Laser: Very powerful forward-firing laser.

Needle Cracker: Rapid homing laser weapon, but isn't very powerful.

Wind Laser: Powerful spread laser.


Round Vulcan: Cannon which fires in 360 degrees around your ship.

Morning Star: Good defensive weapon, it fires circular waves of shells outwards.


Macro Missile: The most powerful weapon in the game.

Explosion Bomb: Gradius-style air-to-ground missiles.

Cluster Bomb: Gradius III-style backwards firing bombs.



  • Gesshi Hanafuuma's riding viper is the Axelay Viper.