Arnval is an andriod girl from the Busou Shinki series of collectable figurines. She featured in Otomedius Excellent. Arnval's ship is the Anthurium, a ship resembling the Vic Viper T-301 with a little details of the Blue M-45 and an MMS Type Angel of Busou Shinki.

She is a simple and innocent android angel has a feeling that she's alright from the mission with Strarf and they really happends that her memories as been vanished by the Bacterians. She is voiced by Asumi Kana.

Initial Weaponry

Otomedius Excellent

Arnval pilots the Anthurium as her Riding Viper. She is a balanced character overall. Her Twin Laser might not penetrate through enemies, but it is a top-tier laser because of its overall effectiveness. Her Flying Torpedo missile weapon shoots forward, but the trajectory can be pushed outward and the firing of it delayed by holding the fire button. Her Reverse Freeway weapon operates by firing the second shot at the typical Double's trajectory when stationary, and when moving, in the opposite direction of your movement. Being that Arnval was designed from Bacterian schematics, her Formation Options are miniature Garun units that spin. These are effective for wiping out all enemies on the screen for the area they cover, and you can extend them outwards by holding down the powerup button when the option slot is highlighted on the powerup bar. Her Platonic Break is the Hyper Blaster, which is a large laser that is shot solely from her Riding Viper and is capable of almost destroying a Core in just a single charge.

S = Speed

M = Flying Torpedo

O = Formation Option

D = Reverse

L = Twin Laser (DLC Weapon = Dual Laser)

? = Force Field

Platonic Break = Hyper Blaster (Similar to Thunder Cross Hyper Laser)



  • Axelay Arnvel
  • Arnval and Strarf were built based on stolen Bacterian schematics to be used against the Bacterians.
  • Arnval's DLC BGMs are based from the Thunder Cross Trilogy (Space Manbow counts) featuring the most known themes like "First Attack", "Skywalker" or "Hydra".
  • Arnval's DLC costume has her dressed in a yukata or kimono, and the exclusive laser weapon that comes with it is the Dual Laser. Literally, cross the classic Laser with Tail Gun and this is the result. Whatever applies to the classic Laser applies to the Dual Laser.
  • Arnval's Platonic Break (Hyper Blaster) is similar to the Hyper Laser in Thunder Cross and Twin Shot/Blade Over Weapon in Thunder Force V.
  • Arnval's Riding Viper (Anthurium) is similar to Vic Viper T-301 with little designs of Blue Thunder M-45 from Thunder Cross, but bare some resemblance to RVR-00 "Phoenix" from Thunder Force VI.
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