''Archduke Nonsense''


Other media:
Twinbee Yahho!: Great Rampage in a Mysterious Country!! (Drama CD, 1996)
Voice actor(S):
Nobuhiko Kazama

Nonsense! The variety to be in Wonderland, the whole world. - Archduke Nonsense, TwinBee Yahho!

Archduke Nonsense (ナンセンス大公 Nansensu-taikō) is a main antagonist in TwinBee Yahho!. He is voiced by Nobuhiko Kazama.

Loud, pompous and extremely self-important, Nonsense has designs upon the throne of Wonderland, which he briefly gains through a coup. What he hasn't told everyone else is that Warumon is helping him out by providing a lot of the necessary firepower. Nonetheless, he succeeds in persuading a large part of the military to support his claims to the succession. He does his fighting in a huge battle-suit modeled on Lewis Carroll's Alice. Has a fondness for saying 'Nonsense' a lot.


  • I'll be various was and break, my plan How dare.
  • Tokimeki laser
  • Memorial missile
  • When this happens, the Masu desperate seat
  • Sue various nonsense!!!!!!

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