Theme Music -Aircraft Carrier


Theme Type
Boss Theme, Sub Boss

Aircraft Carrier is one of the siginature and reccuring pieces of music of the Gradius series. But now, it have become one of the legendary track of all time including Take Care, Poison of Snake and Dark Force.


Originating in the original Gradius game, Aircraft Carrier is one of the most reccurring pieces of music in the entire Gradius series, and even appearing in it's multiple spin-offs, such as Nemesis or Parodius.
It can be considered one of the signature pieces of music of the series, in spite of it's short length, and seemingly out of place tone. The theme is a high tempo, jingle, used to signify that a large group of enemies are about to attack a stage's Sub Boss, and sometimes highlighting the arrival of the original Big Core warship.
In some later games, the theme is expanded upon, such as Gradius V or Otomedius Excellent!, in which the basic motif of the song is used as lead for an original piece of music.

Sheet Music

AircraftCarrier Sheet

Sheet Music of Aircraft Carrier


Sometimes the track is renamed when used in additional games, and sometimes serves other functions, which are listed here:

Main Series
Parody series

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