Aegius is an upcoming game that it will be made with Game Maker 8 by PSONIC (the creator is Axl Jet Eno Lee R. Baños). Also, the name Aegius (a portmanteau of "Aegis" and "Gradius/Darius") is inspired from Gradius, Salamander and Darius.


During the Space Nemesis era, our solar system is safe around the sun but the warp of evil forces is approaching and they're called Hereticons, similar to Bacterians, Red Falcon and Cranassians. They came from their homeworld Hereticus. Then, they gonna invade our solar system to destroy, especially our entire planet. The Space Defense Agency (SDA) has an alert that the special forces will defend our solar system when the Hereticons are invaded. Captail Pilot, the one who affiliated with SDA will also have solar system defence and defeat the Hereticons and their base before the peace comes.


The main protagonist of this game is Captain "Scram" Pilot who launch Warius or the Vic Viper clone, Warius Viprus. Other protagonists and anatgonists are listed below.


  • Captain Pilot (a.k.a. Scram Pilot) - the main hero
  • Montogomery - commander of SDA.
  • Lieutenant Nevo - the communications officer.


  • Hereticons - villainous army like Bacterians.
  • Zerotic (a.k.a. Zeronium) - first leader of Hereticons.

Secret Characters (cameo appearances)

  • Prettio/Priccio - a small green and white doll from Puzzle Bobble 3 (a.k.a. Bust-A-Move 3).
  • TwinBee - a bumblebee android who appears as a cameo.
  • Vic Viper - a star fighter from Gradius series.


If you want to play as a secret character that you chose, you can type these words:

  • kawai (play as Prettio.Priccio)
  • gradiansu (play as Vic Viper)
  • touwinbi (play as TwinBee)


Stage 1: Exterior

Stage 2: Space Fleet

Stage 3: Space Dock

Stage 4: Interior

Stage 5: Asteroid Belt

Stage 6: Space Ships

Stage 7: Space Station

Stage 8: Hereticon Base


Stage 1: Spreadshot Warship

Stage 2: Battle Core

Stage 3: Advanced Battle Core

Stage 4: Reckless

Stage 5: Laser Warship

Stage 6: Warship

Stage 7: Striker

Stage 8: Zerotic

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