Melian/Mecha Pilot
TwinBee Yahho! (1995)
Sexy Parodius (1996,1997)
Other Media:
Twinbee Yahho! : Great Rampage in a Mysterious Country!! (Drama CD, 1996)
Voice Actor(S):
Hideo Ishikawa

Please forgive me, Queen Melody... - Ace, TwinBee Yahho!

Ace (エース - Ēsu) is initially a villain in Twinbee Yahoo. He helps Archduke Nonsense imprison Princess Melody and attempts to destroy Twinbee when he tries to rescue her. He flies a large, red ship called the Shooting Star, which has a charging beam laser and multi-directional firing capabilities. He's not a bad guy though, and seems fairly apologetic about the whole thing. Once he realises Warumon is behind Nonsense's coup, he reverts to the side of good and prevents the evil doctor from escaping. He is also a playable character in Sexy Parodius, in which he gets to exercise his laser techniques.


  • Wait! Ace this is the other party! - (Stage 1 Mid-Boss)
  • Oops! It overheat! - (Stage 1 Mid-Boss Defeated)
  • You can bet on my pride, it does pass through here! (Stage 4 Mid-Boss)
  • Is the strength of the rumor as. If you guys, it may be able to save this country (Stage 4 Mid-Boss Defeated)
  • Wait! The return of the harp happiness! (Dr. Warumon Get with Ace)
  • Although the instruction of the Grand Duke, please punish me that was imprisoned in a place like this.